Create a JSON Web Token (JWT)
The following instructions are to be completed via the JWT Tool downloaded onto your personal computer. You must have internet access in order for this tool to use its cryptography library. Your information is not sent over the network, in order to ensure your private key and JWT remain confidential.
Once completed, you may generate your JWT using the instructions below.
You will need:
Connect to the internet
Your private key
A registered client token
Your public key ID
Please input your Private Key:
Generate your private key through the DPC Portal.
Please input your Client Token:
Locate your client token in the DPC Portal.
Please input your Public Key ID:
Locate your Public Key ID under “Public Keys” in the DPC Portal.
Please select the Environment for this JWT:
The JWT's environment must match the URL you will use to make requests.
Your JWT:
Copy and submit this signed JWT to the Token/validate endpoint.