A 360° view of your patients’ history

As patients move throughout the healthcare system, providers often struggle to gain and maintain a complete picture of their medical history. Data at the Point of Care fills in the gaps with claims data to inform providers with secure, structured patient history, past procedures, medication adherence, and more.

Start your Data at the Point of Care journey by getting acquainted with the API using synthetic data. When you're ready, review the requirements for production pilot access and sign up to join our queue.

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How does Data at the Point of Care reduce your burden and help you improve care?

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Reveals the claims history of your new patients

Avoid having to rely on paper, faxes, or the patient's memory to know past diagnoses, procedures, and medications.

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Lets you see the care that patients are receiving from a variety of sources

Learn about visits to other clinics, new diagnoses and medications, completed procedures and preventive items, and urgent care, hospital, or ER visits.

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Gives insight into your patients' medication history

View medications that were filled at the pharmacy to learn about possible gaps in medication history.

How does Data at the Point of Care improve the patient experience and give them better care?

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Reduces their frustration and documentation

Patient-provided details on past medical history can be supplemented with claims data.

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Gives them more time to focus on their current needs

Patients get more of your time to focus on their concerns and issues instead of spending time searching for information.

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Keeps the entire provider team on the same page

Patients receive better coordination between their providers because the whole team has a fuller picture of their care.

About the pilot

Data at the Point of Care (DPC) is a pilot API program that enables healthcare providers to deliver high quality care directly to Medicare beneficiaries by making a patient's Medicare claims data available to the provider for treatment needs. DPC’s pilot phase enables CMS to better understand how FHIR standards may be leveraged to grant healthcare providers timely, standardized claims history data for the Medicare beneficiaries in their care.

Provider organizations and vendors are encouraged to test the API and its capabilities using synthetic claims data in our sandbox environment before requesting access to production data. The DPC team welcomes feedback from sandbox and production partners, which will inform the design of the API as a system best suited for the needs of healthcare providers to directly impact the quality of beneficiary care.

Learn more about the production pilot and how to join the Production Pilot Onboarding Queue in our FAQs.